Tai Chi Chuan - Original Yang Style in Istanbul

" With time and patience, mulberry leaf turns into silk. "

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Tai Chi Chuan

Be still like a mountain
Move like a roaring river
Wang T’sung Yueh

For acquiring health, relaxation and serenity : Tai Chi Chuan

About Tai Chi Chuan

Yaprak Zihnio
The first impression of Tai Chi Chuan is gentleness in movements, with harmony, fluency, serenity and tranquility. 

Exercises are based on breathing and concentration
Soft, light and fluent movements which can be done both alone and within a group. Movements are meditative and relaxing. Practicing Tai Chi Chuan can also lead to acquiring efficiency of self-defence.

Learning Basic Form (dynamic exercises) consists of 108 movements, along with Chi Qong (static exercises) and Taoist relaxation.

Altogether it leads to health, internal energy for everyday life, body awareness, harmony and a happy life. Practicing Tai Chi assiduously develops coordination of body, mind and emotions.

Briefly... Philosophy, health, relaxation and self-defence are the characteristics of
Original Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.