Tai Chi Chuan - Original Yang Style in Istanbul

" With time and patience, mulberry leaf turns into silk. "

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Yaprak Zihnioğlu, began practicing Tai Chi Chuan - Original Yang Style with Professor Alex Chénière in 2002 at Cercle Tissier (Vincennes - France)

She started teaching Tai Chi in 2010 at Cultural Association of Prince Islands. In March 2012 she became assistant of Alex Chénière. In April 2012 she became personal student of Master Chu King Hung.

Her Master

Yaprak Zihnioğlu is disciple and assistant of Professor Alex G. CHÉNIÈRE.

Alex Chénière, began practicing Tai Chi Chuan in 1985 with Yves Blanc and became personal student of Master Chu King Hung (Yang Sau Chung style) in 1990.

The same year, he gave his first course near Paris and began to pass the various qualifications required for teaching his art.

From 1995 to 2001, Alex Chénière acted as General Secretary within a federation of different styles of Traditionnal Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong.

In october 2000, he founded the Association "L'Homme de Jade" in which he provides technical direction of courses, and became secretary of the Paris branch of the International Tai Chi Chuan Association in February 2003.

In 2004, Alex Chénière became disciple of Yang Family, attached to Master Chu King Hung. Finally he gathers the executives of his own school in the association "WuXing Yao" in 2009.

Currently a member of the Technical College of Chinese internal martial arts in the federation, judge and martial arts examiner, teacher trainer and technical assistant to federal examinations, Alex Chénière has the French professionnal
degrees (professional Chinese Internal Martial Arts Patent, DEJEPS AMCI) and currently holds the 4th Duan Chinese Internal Martial Arts.
At Professor Alex Chénière’s Strasbourg Seminar in 2013
At Professor Alex Chénière’s Strasbourg Seminar in 2013
Front row, from left: Véronique Guilbot, Alex Chénière, Francis Harrault
Back row, from left: Caroline Boïardi, Yaprak Zihnioğlu, Nathalie Chesnel, Philippe Leduc, Françoise Triolle

Alex Chénière
isciple of 6th generation of the Yang Family – Professor of Tai Chi Chuan
Original Yang Style - Responsible of WUXING YAO Association)
and his executives:

Véronique Guilbot – Professor
Francis Harrault – Voluntary Instructor
Caroline Boïardi – Voluntary Instructor
Philippe Leduc – Voluntary Instructor
Françoise Triolle – Voluntary Instructor
Nathalie Chesnel – Assistant